The open studio is a space

to learn with clay, share, experiment

and develop personal projects.

These are ceramic assisted sessions

where each person works at its own pace and level.


We will develop our creativity and ingenuity looking for technical solutions for our ideas.

We will be acquiring knowledge according to our interests and thus we will have a more autonomous learning.

The student has all the basic tools and materials available to work with ceramics.

The studio is equipped with three wheels, a clay laminator, work tables, modeling tools, molds, two kilns …

How does it works:

It works with hour packs and the student comes to the studio when it suits him best within the established schedule.

We offer time flexibility so that each person can easily organize and enjoy these hours of well-being and disconnection.

All material and firing are included in the price.

Groups of maximum 6 people.

Schedule :

Wednesday and Friday from 16:30 to 20:30h (from September 15 to June 30)

Tuesday and Friday from 16:30h to 20:30h (from July 1 to July 31)


1 h = 15€

6 h = 75€ (1 month use)

12 h = 140€  (2 months use)

24 h = 220€ (3 months use)


Laura Martín